Best evidence adherence solutions for multiple indications

Infectious care


Improving adherence to ART and HAART

TAVIE-HIV (VIH-TAVIE) is custom-designed for patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy and has been validated on both quantitative and qualitative scales. With HIV, adherence to the therapy is key to treatment response and to preventing the development of a resistant strain.

Clinical results show 98% patient appreciation and demonstrate effectiveness in raising adherence levels in HIV patients.
  • Four 20-minute sessions with two week intervals over 2 months

In 2012, TAVIE-HIV was awarded the Sanofi Pharmaceuticals “Care Challenge” international prize in the Helping Hand Award category (for research) and was selected as the second finalist in the “IT serving society” category of the OCTAS competition held by the Quebec IT Action Network in Canada.

Oncology and specialty care


Optimizing support for women undergoing cancer treatment

TAVIE-Lymphedema (Lympheduc-TAVIE) intervention is aimed at women being treated for gynecological and breast cancers who have developed complications, including lymphedema, which is characterized by the accumulation of fluid in the legs necessitating lifelong treatment and monitoring.

  • Three 25-minute training sessions over a span of three weeks prior to beginning cancer treatment

The sessions are led by a Virtual Nurse and are geared towards improving patient's knowledge of lymphedema, its signs and symptoms, precautions, its treatment, and available resources.

Chronic Care


Supporting patients managing type 2 diabetes


The TAVIE-Diabetes (Dia-TAVIE) indication has been recently approved for research. Development is currently underway.


Improving adherence to heart medication

TAVIE-Cardio (TAVIE-Coeur) is a virtual intervention intended for people suffering from acute coronary syndrome (angina, infarction) who are on a treatment composed of several medications for their heart and other associated health problems.

  • Four 20-30-minute sessions

Postoperative care


Maximizing support for organ recipients managing post-transplant treatment

TAVIE-Transplant (Transplant-TAVIE) is a virtual intervention tailored to the individual needs of transplant recipients regarding postoperative immunosuppressive drug treatment.

  • Platform clinically validated among renal transplant recipients

TAVIE-Pain Relief

Promoting self-management of postoperative pain

In TAVIE-Pain Relief (Soulage-TAVIE), the Virtual Nurse helps patients awaiting surgery learn how to self-manage their postoperative analgesic medication intake. The information and strategies proposed are customized based on the patient’s profile, which is determined beforehand with a questionnaire.

Clinical results show 96% appreciation in postoperative pain patients.
  • One 30-minute computer-tailored interactive preoperative educational session about postoperative pain management
  • Two 10-minute booster sessions in the postoperative stage delivered by a real nurse, face to face rather than in virtual mode

TAVIE-Pain Relief uses personalization, feedback, and asynchronism to deliver customized messages.


Supporting Women with ART and HAART

TAVIE-Women adapt the clinically validated TAVIE-HIV intervention to women specific needs. The VirtualNurseTM empowers women towards self-management of their condition, treatment and the specific challenges they have to face.


Supporting behavior change to healthier health habits

TAVIE-Lifestyle supports people in improving their health habits including balanced nutrition, moderate physical activity and smoking cessation. The intervention is designed to assess individuals readiness to change and accompany them in changing their health habits gradually and sustainably. Validation clinical trial enrolling Summer 2015.